What I want…(English version) – My Poetry

What I want..


What do I want and what do I really need?

The place – to sleep and the same one

For my friends to feel welcomed and be able to meet …


To have a milky-white soul

Without any dark spots like a rich soil after the snowfall …


Want to have a bed – nice and soft from the rustling autumn leaves

Mixed with the gathered at dawn mint –

Not much of it, just a hint …


I want to be able to write to God

Lovely and warm notes,

Enjoy the ride on a bumpy and windy road.


To have a fresh cream in my morning tea,

To laugh aloud from ear to ear

Till my cheeks are sore

To the core…


If I have to cry –

I want my tears to be happy tears, with a smile

I want to take all unwritten lines,

Thoughts, unspoken words and forgotten dreams

And to strung them on a thread to dry

Next to the house – on the sunny side ….


I want to be where my heart resides

To greet the strangers with a nod and a little “Hi!”

I want to keep falling in love from the first sigh

Again and again …with the same guy

And everything – to be easy and light

Like chamomile coloured calico dress

Shiny, simple, bright, with no sadness or stress


I want something to live for, to strive for

And to have a huge life plan like never before….


It looks like my list’s turning out quite long

May be I need to break it into short verses of one endless song

And sing it – piece by piece when I am ready

Because what I DON’T really want is

To have all at once and to become

Demanding and



author@natasha tarot (me)


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