7 Earth Chakras & 4 Elemental Vortices

Just as the physical body has seven (or more) identifiable energy centers, or swirling vortices of subtle energy, so does the planet have chakra centers that govern her health and act as a reflection of her energetic evolution.

The 7 Earth Chakras

1st Chakra – Mt. Shasta, California:

2nd Chakra – Lake Titicaca, South America:

3rd Chakra – Uluru-Katatjuta, Australia:

4th Chakra – Glastonbury-Shaftesbury, England:

5th Chakra – Great Pyramid.

6th Chakra – Kuh-e Malek Siah, Iran.

7th Chakra – Mt. Kailas, Tibet.


There are a four Vortexes that govern the four Elements. These spinning energy portals  can open and heal the Earth and its people.

Earth Element – Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa…

Water Element – Lake Rotopounamu, North Island, New Zealand…

Air Element – Mount of Olives…

Fire Element – Haleakala Crater, Hawaii…

For each of these earth chakras and elemental vortices there is an auspicious time, which occurs once about every six months, when the sacred site area is at its most powerful phase, in terms of advancing the Earth purpose.

Lake Rotopounamu is in New Zealand, where I live, so there is some extra information about the time, when this vortex is more active next:

Pisces Full Moon

16 September 2016

Culminates 19:05 GMT

Next time it will be during the Pisces new moon in 2017 (26/02/17).


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